{ h o l l y w o o d ; noun \ˈhä-lē-ˌwu̇d\ } the place where dreams come true. where fame and fortune is at anyone and everyone's fingertips. where the talented belong and the place many can only dream of. it's all glitz and glamour, love and sometimes heartbreak. people will hate you, and other will only use you to climb their way to the top. it's a place where secrets exist and where friends will betray you in a heartbeat. the drama is constant and the risks of forgetting who you once were before the fame run high. maybe you'll get your big break, and hopefully you won't lose yourself to fame, but everyone's not that lucky. can you handle it?

blinding lights and starry eyes
Anonymous asked: you say to keep a minimum on the text posts but your selena and justin all they ever do is text its pathetic that they can get away with that shit but nobody else can.
Um. When did we ever say no one can continue posting texts? Please stop bringing up old things. Especially, when that’s over and done with.
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four more hours to like this post. make sure you make a new page or delete your posts on your current one, if you want. if you want to change your role, please make sure to message us. we love you guys so much, and we thank each and every one of you that stayed around!! thanks for not giving up on us and the rp. we are forever grateful!!!

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Okay here’s a message from me, Stone since you haven’t heard from me at all. I agreed to this, yes because lets face it we’re just trying what we can do to make this better and draw in new people— like I’m trying and I feel like some people are taking it the wrong way. I’m not forcing you guys to do anything: leave or stay it’s your choice. Plots? You can keep them. Just let me know. We’re asking you to chose one character, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay that one character forever. Everyone is more than welcomed to stay. If this re-vamp is just a total mistake, well maybe it’s time for the RP to close, but fear not maybe I’ll start up another one so we don’t lose this family. 

Even if this RP doesn’t improve because of the revamp, I was still going to keep it going. I’ve always said as long as 5 people still stick by us and love it…then that’s all that matters. I never wanted this RP to be like popular or about how many members it has or how active it is. I just wanted to keep it as a home and a safe place for the people who love it here. When it comes down to it that’s all that matters and now I feel like everyone has lost sight of that simply because RP world has changed and I hate it.

I really hope that the people who have chosen to leave, I hope you guys come back. I’m really really sorry to those who have been hurt. That was never my intention. Just come talk to me. You have my KIK or just message me on Emma’s account. I’m not mad or upset with anyone, just myself. I hope you guys will talk to me and we can work something out. I love you all.

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Anonymous asked: I get where you're coming from, but I have been here for years and the fact that I now have to restart a plot I have been working so hard on is kinda a turn off?? it almost makes me want to leave and I do love this RP so much but starting everything over is kind of drastic I think. I thought rps were based around plotting and keeping plots and investing time and having a FC grow and some of us have worked so hard on that and now that's done with because a few people left I think it's a mistake
Again, all you have to do is message us about it. Why isn’t no one listening when I’m telling you guys that? Two people have already messaged me and they’re able to keep their plots going. That’s all I ask for you to do — just message us! I’m tired of saying that over and over again.
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Anonymous asked: I'm curious if we really want to stay, but we want to start completely over with a whole new role and everything would that be possible? Or do we have to keep one of the roles we already have? This is just me being curious.
Of course, that’s possible, yeah. Just message us off anon, and we can talk about who you want to switch over to.
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If anyone is on and they have any questions, please message us! It won’t hurt to ask us questions. Just as long as you don’t come off as harsh, because nothing is over! You don’t have to cancel a whole plot because of this revamp. We’re starting over, yes, but you can still have that same plot going, just as long as you talk to us about it. I’ll be on for another hour, so.

And if you haven’t, please make sure to check out [ this ] post, and like it if you understand it and all of that good stuff.

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Anonymous asked: i think you're making a huge mistake in doing this, especially since several members have multiple established characters; you're making them choose between characters and plots that they've been working on for months. it's really unfair.

What’s unfair is keeping a role that someone can be more active on. Most of the people that have more than one role have shown they either :

  1. Don’t have enough time to be on their roles.
  2. Can’t balance out being on any of their roles.
So I think it’s perfectly fair. Again, if you want to talk to us about it off anon, that would be great and we could work something out, since I only know about two people that have a lot of plots with two of their roles.
Don’t be afraid to message us off anon, guys! We won’t bite, and we’ll be able to settle things without you sending us these types of messages.
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ffszoella asked: I’m in no way saying you guys aren’t 100% dedicated to this RP because I know you are and I know how much work you admins put into this. But will you guys promise me that this revamp won’t cause us to lose more members and the whole thing die out? Because I was in an rp a while back and after a full on revamp the whole thing died after a few weeks. And this rp means so much to me, it’s literally my last real RP family and everyone means so much, again not questioning you guys, just a thought.

We are definitely going to try our best to keep this RP going. It’s up to you guys, as members to be active and make sure to promo. It’s a two-way street. We both have to put in all the work and effort to get this thing going to how it used to be. We don’t want this dying,and we won’t let this die, which is why we are sure this revamp will help, since a lot of people weren’t really active, and getting those inactive people out is the only thing that we could think of. We only want what’s best for this RP, and we’re sorry if we upset some people. Again, you don’t have to give up anything. All you have to do is message us. I feel attacked, because we have someone messaging us, obviously pissed, and blaming a few people on being ‘cliquey’ when it’s not cliquey at all, and it’s just.. Sigh. I just went off track. But basically, we are going to make this RP better as a whole, and it won’t be the same. It’ll be even better, and we’ll all make sure of that.

I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly, babe. I love you so much, and thanks for sending this, because it shows how much you care.

posted 21 hours ago
Anonymous asked: revamping and restarting isn't going to make things around here more active. it's going to make people more likely to leave and go inactive, considering that a lot of people have been developing their plots here for a long period of time. maybe instead of forcing people to get rid of their plots, you should focus on the cliques who are bubble rping and their 1000+ note texts.

Actually, revamping and restarting is going to make things a lot more active. If you feel like you’re going to leave because of this revamp, you’re better off not being around after everything is over and done with. If you feel strongly about this RP and you love it and want to be apart of it, it shouldn’t matter on how long you’ve been developing plots. Like I told you before, you can message me about this since I know who sent this. It wouldn’t hurt you to message us off anon. Did you not read the post at all? We’re doing this revamp to fix the activity and stop the cliques. I’m sorry if your plot is getting stopped, but it’s not over. You can bring it in with the revamp. We can talk it over if you just send in another message off anon instead of harassing us about this. Please and thank you, since this is kinda’ making me upset.

EDIT : There was only two people with the 1000 note texts, by the way, so you shouldn’t be singling anyone out. That’s not really cliquey, in the first place, since they both replied to other things, as well. We’re not forcing anyone to get rid of their plots. You can still plot after this, we’re not stopping you.

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Anonymous asked: do we have to start our plots over completely? I don't think that's fair

You don’t have to start your plots over, but that’s the whole point of the revamp. Y’know? You can still plot with that person. Everything will be like it never happened. I’m sorry. Maybe you can talk to us off anon, and we can discuss this further?

posted 23 hours ago